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FEELINGS Pack dla pierwszoklasistów.

Paczka zawiera:

-11 obrazków i 11 napisów,

- 2 strony ćwiczeń słownictwa,

-grę językową 'I have, who has' do samodzielnego wydruku.



Feelings pack for 1st graders. In the pack you will find:


-flashcards with 11 pictures of feelings and 11 labels,

-two pages of exercises to practice the vocabulary,

-an 'I have, who has' game.



The Feelings Level 1 1st grade is an excellent resource for teachers and homeschooling moms who are looking to teach young kids about their emotions. This comprehensive pack provides great materials that are easy to use and engaging for children in the first grade. The curriculum covers various topics related to feelings, including identifying emotions, expressing feelings, and managing emotions. With this Level 1 pack, kids will learn how to communicate their feelings effectively and develop empathy towards others. It's a must-have for anyone looking to help children build social and emotional intelligence from an early age.

Feelings Level 1 1st grade

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